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Sting Discography: Download the latest Sting discography 03.07.2021

The Police discography: Download the latest Police discography 19.02.2021


Morning Is Coming - Subatomic Sound Remixes:

You can download 4 remixes from subatomicsound.com

01 Morning Is Dubbing (Subatomic Sound System Remix) 3:24
02 Morning Dub Riddim (Subatomic Sound System 1 Drop Instrumental) 3:22
03 Morning One Drop Dub (Subatomic Sound System Remix) 3:24
04 Morning Is Coming (Subatomic Sound System Vocal Remix) 3:24

Sting & Shaggy Subatomic Sound System



New remixes: 1Click Ft. Sting: Running Down Again, Part 2 EP

You can download the remixes from beatport.com / https://www.beatport.com/release/running-down-again-pt-2-feat-sting/2314440

1 Running Down Again (ATFC Extended Remix) 5:55
2 Running Down Again (Illyus & Barrientos Extended Remix Instrumental) 6:00
3 Running Down Again (Ninetoes Extended Remix) 5:51
4 Running Down Again (ATFC Extended Remix Instrumental) 5:55
5 Running Down Again (Ninetoes Extended Remix Instrumental) 5:54

1Click Ft. Sting: Running Down Again, Part 2 EP


Sting & Shaggy:15 new remixes:

01 Don't Make Me Wait (Dave Audé 95 Extended Remix) 4:57
02 Don't Make Me Wait (Dave Audé 95 Radio Edit) 3:46
03 Don't Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Dub) 4:16
04 Don't Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Extended Remix) 5:19
05 Don't Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Radio Edit) 3:46
06 Don't Make Me Wait (iLL Wayno Remix) 3:28
07 Don't Make Me Wait (Madison Mars Remix) 3:04
08 Don't Make Me Wait (MGF One Drop Remix) 3:38
09 Don't Make Me Wait (Teflon Remix) 3:25
10 Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan Club Mix) 6:06
11 Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan Dub Mix) 5:51
12 Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan Radio Edit) 4:19
13 Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephans Alternative Club Remix 2) 6:07
14 Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephans Alternative Dub Remix 1) 5:52
15 Don't Make Me Wait (Tropkillaz Remix) 3:22

Download the here: from dave: http://daveaude.com/mixes

Dave Aude remix, ill wayno, madison mars, teflon, tom stephan, tropkillaz


Sting & Shaggy:Morning Is Coming [Subatomic Sound System Dub Remix] - downloadable from soundcloud !

Sting & Shaggy:Morning Is Coming [Subatomic Sound System Dub Remix]

Sting & Shaggy: Morning Is Coming [Subatomic Sound System Remix] - downloadable from soundcloud !

Sting & Shaggy: Morning Is Coming [Subatomic Sound System Remix]

Sting & Shaggy: Don't Make Me Wait - several different mixes from dave: http://daveaude.com/mixes

1. "Sting & Shaggy- Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan's Alternative Club Remix)" 6:08
2. "Sting & Shaggy- Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan's Alternative Dub Remix)" 5:52

1. "Sting & Shaggy - Don't Make Me Wait (Tom Stephan Club Mix) 16 Bit MASTER" 6:06
2. "Sting & Shaggy - Don't Make Me Wait (Madison Mars Remix Extended)" 4:16

1. "Sting & Shaggy - Dont Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Edit)" 3:47
2. "Sting & Shaggy - Dont Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Extended)" 5:19
3. "Sting & Shaggy - Dont Make Me Wait (Dave Audé Dub)" 4:16

Sting & Shaggy: Don't Make Me Wait


Sting & Shaggy Don't Make We Wait
Sting & Shaggy Don't Make We Wait:
2 more remixes has been released:

Don't Make We Wait (MGF One Drop Remix) 3:38 (this is the best ;-)
Don't Make We Wait (Teflon Remix) 3:25

Also released:

Dave Aude Radio Edit 3:46
Dave Aude Extended Remix 5:19
Dave Aude Dub 4:16
iLL Wayno Remix 3:28
Madison Mars Remix 3:04
Tom Stephan Radio Edit 4:19
Tom Stephan Club Mix 6:06
Tom Stephan Dub Mix 5:50
Tropkillaz Remix 3:21



10 new remixes of Running Down Again has just been released.
Sting recorded new vocals for this track.
Cheeky little nugget using elements of "WHEN THE WORLD IS RUNNING DOWN" by STING and "VOICES INSIDE MY HEAD" by THE POLICE. The catchy house groove of the original is complemented by remixes from NINETOES and JAMES CURD.
More here: https://soundcloud.com/search?q=Running%20Down%20Again%20sting

Following tracks has been released:
01 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Single Version] 3:05
02 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Extended Mix] 5:40
03 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [James Curd Remix] 3:21
04 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [James Curd Extended Remix] 6:24
05 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Ninetoes Remix] 3:35
06 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Ninetoes Extended Remix] 5:51
07 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Joshi Mami Remix] 3:40
08 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Joshi Mami Extended Remix] 8:08
09 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Mason Remix] 3:57
10 Running Down Again [Feat. Sting] [Mason Extended Remix] 5:59

sting remix 1Click

01.02.2017 The Police / Sting - Ghost in the Machine - Demos

Receved a mail from Mads, he saw the missing lyrics for the track: It's Never too Late, so here it's for you

Thanks Mads :-)

29.01.2017 Im looking for this Sting cd: The 22nd Birthday Celebration for Prince Hakeem

Let me know if you want to sell a copy or the original cd, Just mail me


I tryed to make a list of all the official recording Sting appears on. Download the latest Sting discography 31.12.2017

Also the Police discography list has been updated. >Download the latest Police discography 29.10.2017


Just released today, 2 new official remixes: The Scumfrog If I Ever Lose My Faith [Feat Sting] [Erick Morillo Remixes]

01 The Scumfrog [If I Ever Lose My Faith] [Feat Sting] [Erick Morillo Remix] 3:20
02 The Scumfrog [If I Ever Lose My Faith] [Feat Sting] [Erick Morillo Gets Deep Mix] 11:00

The Scumfrog feat. Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith (Erick Morillo Remix) After embellishing The Scumfrog's fourth full-length album ('In Case We're All Still Here') in 2013, the remake of Sting's 1993 hit single 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' is sure to ravage clubs around the world in old fashion, thanks to House legend Erick Morillo. From Sting's distinct vocal tones to the sturdy beats and raw bass, this remix will be buzzing throughout the scene for time to come.

The Scumfrog sting Erick Morillo Remix


Added track to lyric pag

Soul Cake - If On A Winter's Night

Why Don't You Answer

San Francisco Waitress

Don't You Belive Me Baby - * Thanks to Dietmar


Added 2 track to the Sting Discography.


I updated the tracklisting with Sting and Eberhar Schoener, the are more vinyl tracks with Sting then first assumed.


So I finally bought a record player, a REGA PLANER 3 that is. And Iam starting to scan som of all the viny I have newer listend to.
And what have I found so far:
1. The promo from Vinx has a different version of the track: "MY TV". It runs for 4:13, and has Sting on the backings vocals.


New pictures from Stings new album:



Lance Liddle once again help to identify the members of The River City Jazzmen and the The Vieux Carre Jazzmen, chek here


Last Exit Pictures/Newcastle Big Band:

7 new pictures added here click here (kindly provided by Rik Walton)


Get your flower power dress on this weekend and find your Last Exit mp3's and then visit this site :-)
I just recived 20 new images of Newcastle Big Band and Last Exit, and some of them are outstanding, most - I have newer seen before.

- * The pictures will be up this weekend * -
PS. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair


I found the advert for Brutus Jeans Sting did in 1978.

In broken music Sting talks about the commercials he did for Brutus Jeans, Triumph Bras, and the Wrigley's Gum commercial directed by Tony Scott.

Watch the Brutus Jeans commercial from YouTube

Brutus Jeans Sting


Sting Brutus advert

Sting / Maurice Saatchi

Brutus Jeans Award Winning advert featuring Sting

Brutus Jeans Winning advert featuring Sting



News from Last Exit

Peter just send me some more interesting notes and pictures.

I ’m currently listening to Sting singing Graham Bond’s “Springtime in the City” with Gerry Richardson and others on Gerry’s “This is what we do” CD from 2006. It’s the only track involving Sting.  Wandering away from the Stingme site I’d blundered into http://www.gerryrichardson.com and found out that Gerry is still very much in action in Geordieland, with the odd occasional foray down to the smoke to perform at Ronnie Scotts, Pizza Express, working with between two and eight others. It turns out that he has three CDs available, and I’ve now been able to send off for them and listen to them a couple of times.

The Mission Statement CD (1998) primarily involves the trio of Paul Smith on Drums and Garry Linsley on Alto Sax.  As well as some compositions by Gerry, it includes versions of Robert Parker’s “Barefootin’” and Gil Scott-Heron’s “Lady Day and John Coltrane” and a couple of other standards.   Without a bass player, Gerry makes maximum use of the organ pedals.
For me, the track that grabbed me first is the seriously funky “Benwell Bohemia” which reminds me of the year I spent as a bus conductor (remember them?) on the yellow buses going through the murkier parts of Newcastle. (In those days they had buses designed for one man operation, but they still had to have a conductor on all but the circle routes because someone had to watch where they reversed to when they turned round at the end of the route.

Cookin’ at the Cluny, recorded live in 2002, features ten instrumental numbers from the nonet, Gerry Richardson’s Big Idea.  It certainly swings. They sound like a much bigger band. The sleeve notes are written by Sting.

This... is what we do, recorded in 2006, features different sized line-ups from the Trio to the Big Idea, with Sting on one track. It is also clear from the liner photos that Gerry and Sting are playing the same instruments that they did back in 1976.  Indeed, Gerry comments that it’s getting harder and harder to get spares for a 1960s Hammond A100 and his technician has retired. (It’s the same old story: manufacturers complain that customers aren’t buying what they’re selling, which customers can’t find anyone selling the things that they want to buy....)  Two other bass players also appear on this CD.  Until now it would appear that Gerry couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the job after Sting had.

In much the same way, Gerry didn’t sing lead with Last Exit, and Sting writes “he would often say only half joking that if only he could sing, he would fire me.”  However, when obliged to, mainly on “Mission Statement” it turns out that Gerry’s voice fits in neatly between those of Sting and Georgie Fame, perfectly suited to the material.  I’d ordered the CDs because Last Exit gave me a lot of pleasure in their time, and I like to support the smaller bands who need the money rather than the big ones who are heard all the time, but these CD’s are actually really good.  They don’t go out of their way to shock or do anything wildly new, but provide a wide range of melodic jazz from high quality musicians.  All three CDs feature Paul Smith on Drums, who is one of those rare ones who don’t get bored with just keeping the beat, rather like a metronome that is always there, making the point that no, we are not slowing down. Excellent stuff !

Mind you, the photos on the CDs were a bit of a surprise : in the early 1970s Gerry’s face was well buried under long, thick, hair and beard.  I’d assumed that he was a bit older and Sting a bit younger, that Sting was the lad in a band who had been around for a while.  Ronnie, the drummer, had been in Back Door before Colin Hicks, which no doubt helped in arranging a “Way out” concert in which Last Exit supported Back Door. John Hedley had been in one of the other two bands formed when the Nice broke up: not Emerson Lake and Palmer (obviously), nor Jackson Heights, but Brian Davison’s Every Which Way, which also featured Alan Cartwright on Bass, who went on to Procol Harum, and Graham Bell on Vocal, previously in Delivery, and later in Bell & Arc. John is still around doing session work, but deserved more success.

Sad to learn that Ronnie Pearson died in early 2006.  In the days of Last Exit he was the drummer in the area, and provided the vocals for the rockier numbers. With him on drums, Sting could use his bass as a lead instrument, and when all four of them were in rhythm mode, with or without the rest of the Newcastle Big Band, they were unstoppable.

More info and bigger photos later. (ps. photos where taken by: Peter Johansen and used by www.stingme.dk with permission).


Last Exit Sting Live june 1976

Last Exit Gerry Richardson Live

Last Exit Live

  Brian Davison’s Every Which Way

John Hedley


Roxanne should be dancing DJ Zebra

THE POLICE: Roxanne vs. BEE GEES You should be dancing +add beats: Groove Armada

The best mashup I have hear in a long time - so much disco :-)

Download the track

Sting - Inside the songs of Sacred Love Sting dts surround sound
Was I surprised when I heard the dts surround sound of this live recording. Great tracks like Roxanne has stings Vocals placede in one channel - so a beuatiful acapella version appears. Other tracks like dead mas rope or stolen car (take me dancing), the book of my life or whenever are also acapella but with one or two hardly notible instruments.


News from The Phoenix Jazzmen (the surviving members)

John Hedley sends me this photo, that was taken last month.
Left to right: Sting, and Ronnie Young's son (Ronnie played trumpet and sang). Then it's John Hedley (the cool guitar player) and on right it's Gordon Soloman (trombonist and Bandleader) and the one who "christened" Sting.

Sting, Ronnie Young's son, John Hedley, Gordon Soloman

News from Last Exit

Peter just send me a interesting note and some really nice pictures from a live concert with Last Exit june 1976.

A couple of points:
I seem to remember track 4 regularly being introduced as "Carry on, Prince" but memories can get garbled. Likewise, I remember "Time for Peace". However, "Whispering Voices" was definitely sung by "Whispering" Ronnie Pearson, who I also remembering doing the lead on "We've got it". In announcing numbers, Gerry, who didn't sing lead, could make the quotation marks in "'Whispering' Ronnie Pearson", and "Sting" audible. I can remember one of those multi-band festivals in the University Ballroom where the Newcastle Big Band were on. I was impressed by the rhythm section (Pearson, Sumner, and Richardson) and I think John Hedley was also in the mix. At the end Andy Hudson announced that "The Newcastle Big Band Splinter Group" would be playing in his new wine bar (wine being a new concept in Newcastle then). This was Gerry, Ronnie, John and Sting. They played in the bow window of the tiny bar in St Mary's place, and Sting had to stay very still to avoid biffing Ronnie round the back of the head with the end of his bass. He didn't always succeed.

They soon moved on to Wednesday nights at the Gosforth Hotel in, er... Gosforth, just up the road, while alternating Sunday Lunchtimes at the University theatre bar with the Steve Brown Band and the Newcastle Big Band (including themselves), changing the name at one point to The Tyneside Jazz Orchestra. Occasionally Nigel Stanger would join in the fun for a number or two, but he wasn't part of the line-up. Another occasional member was an ancient corgi dog called Turdy, who would happily lie straight in front of Sting's extremely tatty bass speaker.

Then one night I went to see Curved Air at the City Hall. As rumoured, they were much better live than on record, and I noticed that they had a totally manic, mad-eyed drummer. The same evening Last Exit were doing an extra, late, gig, at the Polytechnic, I think, and I went there as well, only to notice Stewart Copeland in the audience, eyes glued to the stage. The rest is history. I have an idea that Strontium 90 may have put "Nuclear Waste" out as a single. I attach another picture of Last Exit's outdoor gig. I have lost count of the number of times I saw Last Exit, probably the majority of gigs after they set up on their own. They were a brilliant band, and the great thing about them was that although they didn't have a huge set of numbers to play, they played them in so many different ways that you could see them 7 times a month without it getting boring.

More info and bigger photos later. (ps. photos where taken by: Peter Johansen and used by www.stingme.dk with permission).


Last Exit Sting Live

Last Exit Gerry Richardson Live

Last Exit Live 1976


I made a list of some of the rarest items where Sting appears:

1 Last Exit, tape 3
2 Last Exit, tape 2
3 Last Exit, tape 1
4 The Phoenix Jazzmen recorded a 45 rpm single back in 1973
5 Instrumental recordings of Sacred Love album
6 Instrumental recordings of Brand New Day album
7 Ghost in the machine Demos, original
8 Sting: The Soul Cages Demos, original
9 Perfect Love…Gone Wrong 9 tracks, from cdr. newer official released
10 My Heart And I. 4 different Italian reworks.
11 Sting, Mixes & Backing Tracks, Send Your Love/Whenever
12 Storytellers, CD SAMPLER - western show '99, Roxanne, Live, from the: “VH1 storytellers cd sampler”, 3:26
13 Last Exit - vinyl single
14 Newcastle Big Band
15 Shape Of My Heart Sugababes (Tv Backing Tracks Full Vocal)
16 Rise & Fall Craig David featuring Sting - Backing Tracks
17 RE-FLEX, the unreleased album:"Humanication" 7. How Much Longer (4:30)
18 My Tv (The Original), vinyl single (Sting on backing vocals and bass), 4:19
19 Si Estamos Juntos, (Version En Espanol) “We'll Be Together”, from the Mexican vinyl promo, (spanish female backing vocals), 3:20
20 Bedroom Rockers Remix, from the eu promo single, 2001, 3:46


The Phoenix Jazzmen recorded a 45 rpm single back in 1973.
A 7" vinyl single was at recorded at the Impulse Sound Recording Studios in Wallsend produced by David Wood.
A side is: 'I'm The King Of The Swingers' from The Jungle Book and the B side is W. C. Handy's 'Beale Street Blues'.
Sting playes bass on both tracks.

Side A: I'm The King Of The Swingers, 3:47
Side B: Beale Street Blues, 4:17

Updated the Last Exit page

Edin Karamazov New album: The Lute is a Song - Sting

New album from: Edin Karamazov: The Lute is a Song

1. Leo Brouwer - Paisaje Cubano Con Rumba
2. Sting - Alone with my Thoughts Tonight (feat. Sting)
3. J. S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in d minor
4. Henry Purcell - When I am Laid in Earth (Dido's Lament,
feat. Renee Fleming)
5. Giovanni Zamboni - Suonata
6. G. F. Handel - O Lord, Whose Mercies Numberless (feat.
Andreas Scholl)
7. C. Domeniconi - Koyunbaba
8. Traditional - Edo so Maki (feat. Kaliopi)














Sting appears on the new album from Charles Aznavour: "DUOS" the track title is: L'amour C'est Comme Un Jour
No need to say that I more than skeptical about this track ;-)

Charles Aznavour: "DUOS"

Disc: 1 (In French)

2. Que C'est Triste Venise - WITH JULIO IGLESIAS
3. Les Bateaux Sont Partis - WITH PLACIDO DOMINGO
4. Paris Au Mois D'août - WITH LAURA PAUSINI
5. Hier Encore - WITH ELTON JOHN
7. Mourir D'aimer - WITH NANA MOUSKOURI
8. L'amour C'est Comme Un Jour - WITH STING
11. Je N'ai Pas Vu Le Temps Passer - WITH PAUL ANKA
13. C'est Un Gars - WITH EDITH PIAF

Disc: 2 (in English unlsess stated)

1. Yesterday When I Was Young - WITH ELTON JOHN
3. Love Is New Everyday - WITH STING
4. Young At Heart - WITH FRANK SINATRA
7. I Didn't See The Time Go By - WITH PAUL ANKA -
9. La Bohème (English Version) - WITH JOSH GROBAN
11. The Sound Of Your Name - WITH JOHNNY HALLIDAY
15. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime - WITH DEAN MARTIN















Arcadia/Duran Duran, Heaven's Eyes 1985 Promo Remix CD

Found this cd, it has the track: The Promise (Extended Remix) (7:05), with backing vocal by Sting.
All previous releases was put to vinyl only.







01. Election Day (Consensus Mix) (8:32)
02. Election Day (Cryptic Cut No Voice Mix) (8:27)
03. Election Day (Fact & Story Mix) (9:06)
04. Goodbye Is Forever (Extended Mix) (6:44)
05. Goodbye Is Forever (Dub Mix) (5:14)
06. The Promise (Extended Remix) (7:05)
07. Rose Arcana (Extended) (5:03)
08. The Flame (Extended Remix) (7:12)
09. Flame Game (Yo Homboy Mix) (2:47)
10. Say The Word (Extended Remix) (6:31)
11. Say The Word (Extended Instrumental) (5:38)

1 remix by Alex Sadkin, Francois Kevorkian & Ron Saint Germain
2,3,4,5 remix by Francois Kevorkian & Ron Saint Germain
6 remix by Alex Sadkin & Ron Saint Germain
7 remix - Alex Sadkin & Larry Alexander
8,9 remix by Nile Rodgers
10, 11 remix by Shep Pettibone for Mastermix Production


1985 Tritec Music Limited All Rights Reserved. For Promotional use only - Not for sale.






Eberhard Schoener & The Police: Video Magic:


I finally got the cd called: Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story 1980 - 1986 wich has the track: Will Powers Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) (8:55). The inlay has the following story about Lynn Goldsmith aka Will Powers:
Noted Photographer Lynn Goldsmith, who had often been present at Compass Point since being invited to the studio by the B-52s, voiced and mixed a very peculiar number of her own called 'Adventures In Success', which she describes as "self-help humour".
The track, which was released as a 12-inch single by Island in 1982 under her alter-ego alias, Will Powers, has a complicicated genesis: summoned to Compass Point because Marianne Fithfull, Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer were all workingmaterial at the same time and Chris Blackwell hoped Goldsmith could photograph them together, Goldsmith wound up voiving a rhythm Palmer was building in the demo studio he has set up at home, after Faithfull and Cocker failed to lay down vocals that Palmer found impressive.
"The rhythm track was a steal from a James Brown thing, "Goldsmith explains, "and after having enough drinks, Marianne starts singing ome melody, but (Palmer) said, 'No, that's not really it'. Joe Comes over and theres more drinking going on; Joe sings a littel bit and then he leaves, and Palmer said, 'No, that's not really it.' It was about four o'clock in the morning and I had been thinking about if I were to make a record, what I would do; I thought that the human speaking voice was also an instrument and it could be used in certain ways, and I would pick tapes from preacheres and use a vocoder om myself and come up with these kinds of positive thinking lyrics, because I thought that music had such a strong effect on our subconscious, that if we could have these lyrics in there and if I cold be funny about it, then that would be different than what anybody else did.
We have a guy here called Reverend Ike who has a big church up on Park Avenue, and I always thought that the power of those voices and the way in which they spoke was mesmerising, so I always collected tape; Reverend Ike was my favourite, but I had lots of others".
With such concepts in mind. Goldsmith asked Palmer to turn on his recorder. "By this time I was really pretty drunk, so I did my thing and he got so excited about it, he called up Blackwell, and Blackwell came over and got really excited and said, 'I want to put this out'. So I said, 'No, I've been working on this for a long time and I have an idea of how I want to do it and I'm going to go off and do it my way, but Chris, if I come back with something that you like, I want and album, and I want you to be my producer'. So he said, 'OK', and that's how Will Powers came out to be.
I left and I went to England, because I had toover there, and I asked Sting if he would work with me on the song, so Sting and I went into Island's studio in London; he played all instruments and I was on the Linn drum machine. Then I went down to Compass Point for my first session, and it was just Chris Blackwell, me and Steve Stanley in the studio.
Goldsmith multitracked her voice in various guises to portray the song's different characteres, with the exception of a very deep voice that states the arious "laws of success", wchich was provided by a Compass Point standin. Although the rest of the album was later crafted with Steve Winwood and Nile Rodgers in New York and mixed by Todd Rundgren, the song 'Adventure In Success' was mixed at Compass Point by Steven Stanley, who added a minor keyboard part and made sure the single was compleate with the shimmering dub version presented here. The video tat acconpanied 'Adventure In Success' is also notable as the first to make use of 3D computer animation.

Will Powers - Adventures In Success, original version:


All For Love Demo

Will Powers Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) (8:55)

All For Love - demo
Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting.

A demo recording of the track: All For Love (soundtrack from the three musketeers) has seen the light.
The tracks runs for 4:29.
The recording is slightly diffrerent than the released one.
The vocals has minor changes and the music is without the final polished edge.












The release of Funky Nassau: The Compass Point Story 1980 - 1986 has the track: Will Powers Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) (8:55).

This track was original only released on 12" maxi vinyl.

Other tracks on this release:
1 Grace Jones My Jamaican Guy (12" Version) (7:03)
2 Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love (5:35)
3 Talking Heads Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) (5:47)
4 Lizzy Mercier Descloux Lady O K'pele (2:29)
5 Set The Tone Dance Sucker (Francois Kevorkian Mix) (6:15)
6 Guy Cuevas Obsession (Nassau Mix) (5:56)
7 Gwen Guthrie Padlock (Larry Levan Mix) (6:55)
8 Bits & Pieces Don't Stop The Music (7:00)
9 Sly Dunbar River Niger (6:29)
10 Cristina You Rented A Space (3:23)
11 Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players Spasticus Autisticus (Version) (6:56)
12 Chaz Jankel* Feat. Laura Weymouth Whisper (5:07)
13 Will Powers Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) (8:55)


Updated the Last Exit page, added bandnames read more here

The Police: Every Little Thing She Does is Peanuts


With the release of the music video game: "Rock Band" from Harmonix, The Police world had another wake up. The game is released for Xbox and playstation 3 platfoms. The main setlist, and basis for the game's single player mode has the following Police tracks:
Next to You. The Wii version of Rock Band features: Roxanne originally released as downloadable content on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The Rock Band Track Pack Vol. 1 Synchronicity II The following is a list of songs currently available for download.
Can't Stand Losing You, and Truth Hits Everybody and Message in a Bottle.

So whats so exciting ? Well the original master recording was "giving" to this game with each instrument seperated (also called Multi tracks). And ofcause someone has ripped this tracks :-)

The Multitracks has the following tracks ready for editing:
Can't Stand Losing You, has 13 tracks. (3 sek. hihat intro and ending without fading).
Message in a Bottle, has 11 tracks. (6 sek. hihat intro and ending without fading).
Next to You, has 14 tracks. (4 sek. intro and ending without fading).
Roxanne, has 12 tracks. (3,5 sek. hihat intro and ending without fading).
Synchronicity II, has 12 tracks. (has 3 sek. hi hat wich has been edit out on the original, also a different ending). This version has also a scary part (the ghost part, wich hasnot been used. (First part has a synthesizer loop spinning up in tempo and then Sting starts to read and then along Andys guitar is freakig out. Sting reads the words:
Many miles away
there's a shadow on the door
of a cottage on the shore
of a dark
Scottish lakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke
Many miles away... Many miles away...Many miles away... Many miles away...(it's deadly scarying).

Another funny thing about this track is that if you only listen to Sting vocal part you can hear him humming and prepareing him just before his vocal part, he cough several times - it has not been edited out. This is also notible on some of the other tracks.

Truth Hits Everybody has 12 tracks. (2 sek. drumstick intro).
All tracks can be edited turned on/off or accapella or instrumental whatever you like :-)

Rock Band
The Police Multitracks


The Police Unreleased demo
1981 The Police did a studio session that year to do a reggae version of: Truth Hits Everybody (very slow version).
The different takes sufaced some month ago and reveals a beautiful version of this track. The full version runs for almost 6 minutes.


Im up and running again :-)
SORRY for the lack of updates.
Due to a major pc crash everything has been down incl. this web page.
So the qustion was, if it was nessesary to have it up running again. Lots of new web pages has poped up with info about The Police. But lets see, I have several great news that I will print here whithin the next days. Many thing has happend the last month, sadly also the end of great tour with the best rock / pop band also ends.
This years tour was planned to go to Denmark, but about a month berfore the show was canseled. The official story was that it was canceled dut to problems in the planning. But the truth is that only 5000 tickets was sold here, so no wonder why it was canceled.


Universal released the two videos of the two "Red Room" versions of
"Can't Stand Losing You" and "Roxanne". Click pictures to see them.


Nicole Scherzinger & Sting
Nicole Scherzinger & Sting
Well I could't help it :-)
Nicole Scherzinger & Sting

So Sting is featuring on the track Powers Out, it's a duet with Nicole Scherzinger & Sting. Nicole Scherzinger is best know from the group: Pussycat Dolls. The track: "Powers Out" can be heard here.


All the oldstuff from stingme.dk has been moved to here